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Georgetown Valet Loyalty Rewards

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Our company highly values and rewards loyalty. Registering for our Loyalty Rewards is super simple. Please carefully read the following:

Loyalty Rewards Terms:

• The standard turnaround is 2 business days.

• Next day service available for $10 service fee
• Pickups occur daily, Monday – Saturday.
• If I do not receive my order in 2 days, it is most likely because one or more items are heavily stained or need alterations
• I will call/text 202-333-4277. Whenever I have a pick up ready. 
• I will make sure that my laundry bags’ name tag is securely attached w/ name, phone, bldg and unit. Bags w/ no name tags will be held back.
• I will keep my credit card account info current w/ GTV at all times.
• I promise to return any missed call/phone/text within 48 hours.

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