Earth Day: Celebrating our Planet by Improving our Habits.


As you might expect, at GreenEarth Cleaning, we consider Earth Day to be a big deal! 

Earth Day is a reminder that we all have a responsibility to protect our planet and find sustainable solutions for a better future. At GreenEarth Cleaning, we don’t take that responsibility lightly. While our focus is primarily on dry cleaning, we use our platform to inform, educate, and collaborate with our Affiliates and customers worldwide to facilitate additional opportunities for more sustainable living and a smaller carbon footprint. As we celebrate Earth Day this month, we wanted to share a few simple tips and ideas we hope you find valuable and easy to implement. 


Small changes in our daily habits make a big difference in reducing our negative impact on the environment. Simple steps such as conserving energy and reducing waste are key to restoring and protecting our planet. One of our favorite lists of quick tips for conserving energy at home is from Cornell University as part of their campus sustainability efforts. The list provides practical action items that can be applied quickly and easily. 

The fashion industry is another avenue where even slight changes garner positive results. Are the terms “sustainable fashion” and “fast fashion” familiar?  These terms describe the ecological impact each one has based on the amount of waste each one produces. Sustainable fashion decreases waste, while fast fashion tends to carry a more harmful impact. In her article, How Do We Avoid Fast Fashion?, GreenEarth Social Media Specialist, Erin Horne, offers a few simple steps to avoid fast fashion and reduce your carbon footprint. 

As we work to shift our daily practices and effect long-term change, it is essential to set goals and create an engaged community effort. Each year, the team at GreenEarth Cleaning sets individual sustainability goals.  We look forward to each other’s ideas and appreciate each other’s support as we extend our sustainability efforts beyond that of our professional endeavors. We invite you to join us! Visit our Facebook page to read about our team’s goals, share your goals, and learn more about GreenEarth Cleaning and our GreenEarth Affiliates, all over the world using our sustainable dry cleaning process.

This Earth Day, we encourage you to not only act on improving your sustainability efforts, but to also take time to appreciate and absorb the beauty and wonder of our planet. Take a moment to reflect on the impact we have, and the steps we can take to protect and restore it.  By working together, we can ensure that future generations inherit a healthy and vibrant planet to call home.